09 May 2008

The Crew and the Ship

With the new winch handle, we were ready for another maiden voyage. This time under sail...

The kids each have certain jobs, and it actually makes sailing quite easy from a skipper's perspective.

My #1 son, who completed the American Sailing Association's Basic Keelboat course during a 3 day sailing class on the Gulf of Mexico. It may appear that he is closing his eyes at the helm, however I think the picture is more indicative of his advanced seamanship, including "Blind Helmsmanship." His other job is "One Handed Texter", which requires the ability to perform any naval task with one hand while rapidly texting your landlubber friends with a cell phone in your other hand.

My #2 son is the self-proclaimed "Bow Man". He takes responsibility for everything that happens on the foredeck, from anchoring to tying dock lines. Perhaps the most enjoyable part of the job is using the boat hook, which we call "Ned Land's Harpoon", after the harpooner in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. His other great professional enjoyment is the shove-off. He can do more pull-ups than anyone I know, so he hangs onto the bow pulpit long after it's left the slip, then swings gracefully forward on up onto the bow.

My #3 has anointed herself "Winch Wench", and has developed an almost prophetic sense of the times we need to raise the keel a little bit to get over underwater obstacles. We are quite certain they are old U-Boats, unexploded mines, and sharks, although the Utah Lake State Park Ranger assures us there are no such obstacles in the lake.

My #4 is one of the "Fender Men" aboard the boat. His is the dangerous job of racing on deck to deploy and retrieve the boat's fenders as we exit and enter the marina. This is a difficult job, because there is so much going on during that time. Boom is swinging, lines are being coiled or thrown, and in the midst of all this chaos, the fenders have to be deployed at the proper height to ensure a safe docking.

#5 is the second Fender Man. He is apprenticed to #4 and learning the ropes very quickly. In training for his sailing adventures this year, he completed the first two levels of swimming classes, and has adjusted to nautical life with aplomb.

And finally, #6. We're not really sure what her job is. Mostly she just walks around on the boat being really cute and saying the funniest, most random things. Depending on the day, she either announces herself as being a Princess, or a Pirate. Arg!

And here is the Admiral. So named because I admire her so much. And last, and certainly least, is me. While I may not be nearly as interesting to look at as my crew, you have to admit that I have really cool pirate boat shoes.

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