10 November 2008

Sailing a Hunter 30

When we bought our Catalina 25 in spring, my father in law bought our Venture 21. He had always wanted to try sailing, and was eager to give it a shot. He put the boat in up at the Great Salt Lake, and spent many days out there sailing it.

After a few months, he was convinced of two things. First, that he loved sailing. And second, that he needed a bigger boat. So he looked around a purchased a Hunter 25.5.

For Utah Lake, you really can't get much bigger than a 25' boat. The lake is 10-12 feet deep, and the marinas are shallower. And although you can slip your boat at the marinas from spring through fall, you must get them in and out with a trailer.

But my father in law, being on the Great Salt Lake, started looking for a bigger boat. Eventually, he landed on a Hunter 30. What a great boat. The Hunters are very roomy inside, they make great cruising boats. He laughs when he tells us what the resident marina ranger said of the Hunter, calling it a "Furniture Boat."

I have been out on several trips on the Hunter 30 now, and really enjoy sailing her. These pictures are from a day sail we took in November. It was really cold, but the lake was beautiful and the weather clear.

With a step down stern, we back the boat into the slip. This was quite a challenge to get used to with such a big boat in a tight marina, but then someone suggested standing foreward of the wheel, facing aft when backing the boat in. That really makes it much easier - much more intuitive.