19 January 2011

British Virgin Islands Sailing Charter Day 1/10

It might have been -17 degrees celsius (2 F) yesterday, but today that doesn't matter at all.  I'm driving through the snow to the airport, off to the British Virgin Islands for a week and a half of Caribbean sailing.

Joining my wife and me on the trip are Randall and Michelle, friends of ours new to sailboat charters.  We are flying directly to Tortola (Beef Island Airport), and will arrive at 9pm tonight.  Because the airport is right next to Trellis Bay, we hope to at least glimpse the Full Moon Party on shore with its huge fireball sculptures all ablaze.

The flight is relatively uneventful.  I am reading The Republic of Pirates on this trip, and will report back later what I think of it.  

Although the plane approaches from the west, we are still able to see the Trellis Bay Full Moon Party's fireballs as the plane taxis near the end of the runway.  Our charter company has arranged a taxi for us over to Road Town, where we'll spend the night on our boat before checking out in the morning.

The full moon gives us just enough light to see a little of the island on the twisting 20 minute drive to Road Town.  Once there, we follow the signs to our boat and load our gear.  But we're all too excited to sleep, so we spend some time walking around the docks, watching the night lights around Road Town and enjoying the warm tropical trades breezing across the water.  Ultimately, we force ourselves to get to sleep so we'll be rested for tomorrow.

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