25 January 2011

Trellis Bay, BVI Day 7/10 Continued

After a great morning at the Baths, the sail to Trellis Bay was relaxing. The crew was ready for a quiet anchorage and some swimming. Underway I treated the crew to this brilliant display of marlinspike seamanship, tying such exotic knots as The Pretzel Knot. I know, I probably should have held off a little with a green crew, but you never know when they're going to be in a jam and need to tie such a useful knot.

I think most of them were napping behind their sunglasses anyway.

We snorkeled a little in Trellis Bay, testing out the underwater housings for our Flip Video Cameras. I've used this underwater housing now for 2 years, and its never failed me. And the best part is, it actually floats so you can't lose your video camera.

We went in to shore to look around at the shops, and then back to the boat to watch the sun set. I decided the view would be best from over on the shore, so I took the dinghy and motored over. Much to my surprise, I discovered a few sunken motorboats along the shore, which made navigation a little difficult.

Once on shore I was surprised by how beautiful the sunset was. In some areas it seems that the golden glow of sunset lasts for an hour or more. Down here in the BVI you have only a few minutes to capture it on film. I suppose thats due to the clean, unpolluted air.

While walking along the beach I found several conch shells and enough coral to fill an ocean.

After sunset, we took the dinghy in to The Last Stand Resort, a tiny island in the middle of Trellis Bay. This restaurant had the best appetizers of the entire trip. In fact, we didn't bother ordering entrees! We each ordered a couple of appetizers and enjoyed them while the stars came out.

I'd recommend a flip video camera, they're great, and don't forget the underwater housing, which is really cheap as far as underwater housings go!


  1. I ran a dinghy into the sunken boats at the edge of Trellis Bay, I know what you are talking about! Great photo by the way, gorgeous sunset.

  2. These are great photographs. Could you post information on what kind of camera you are using? I'd love to get better pictures of our sailing trips. Thanks for the blog, it's inspiring.